What We Do

We are working on two major projects

Make the city green, clean, waste free and contribute to our nation’s

​ We turn your organic waste into nutrient rich compost.

Hand-crafted from coconut shells and natural material, these Products are produced with a zero-waste approach.


Other Projects

All India Institute of Local Self-Government

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EarthCare Designs is collaborating with AIILSG  under the Government’s SJSRY (Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rojgar Yojana) scheme. Under this, we provide livelihood options and employment generation ideas to urban poor and marginalised groups. We also train the scheme’s implementers at the district level with the same.
At the same time, we also provide the officials with inputs on sustainable measures of solid waste management.

National Innovation Foundation

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National Innovations Foundation is a grassroots innovation foundation. We create design interventions for their products and design prototypes which are efficient, user-friendly and of market value.
So far, we have worked on prototyping products such as Solar-Powered Laminator, Exhaust Filter-cum-Silencer, and Pressure-Cooker Coffee-Maker.

Exhaust Filter cum Silencer

We have provided design intervention for a prototype for an exhaust filter-cum-silencer for diesel generators. We worked towards improvement of the technology to make it compact, reducing carbon particulates from the fuel exhaust, and lessening the sound as well as temperature. The design intervention was to increase this technology’s overall utility.

Solar cum Electric Laminator

This solar powered lamination machine was innovated by a Mr. Amandeep Sangria of Rajasthan. NIF gave us this project to increase its overall efficiency and power. We also gave design intervention to improve its aesthetic appeal.

Pressure Cooker Coffee Maker

This cooker coffee maker was designed by Mr. Mohammad Rozadeen from Bihar. We were given this project by NIF to provide technological improvements in terms of efficiency increase, make it more hygeinic and easy to assemble, and simplify the design for a market appeal.

Collaborative Projects with Laya.

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Laya is an organization working in the tribal area of Andhra Pradesh for the tribals’ empowerment and sustainable livelihoods. We are collaborating with them on the following projects:

Designing an oil-expeller that uses muscle energy to suit the needs of the tribal people. The technology would make it possible to extract oil from oil-seeds at the household or community level, hence saving the expenses of going to far-off markets and lessening their dependence on external sources.

Work on redesigning a household stove (smokeless chulha) to make it cheaper with additional benefits. The present smokeless stoves are expensive for the economy of tribal families. One unit is costing approximately Rs. 2000.

Designing an easy-to-use cashewnut processor to generate livelihood for tribal communities.

Explore systemic solutions to turn a tribal village into sustainable unit with community bio-gas, composting units that utilises the cattle dung available on a large scale. Household stoves can be connected to the bio-gas plant, and exploring livelihood possibilities like a broom-making unit, or cashew processing unit, etc. Starting livelihood centres in the villages.