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Our Approach

social design

EarthCare Designs promotes Liberation Technology, which involve:

The control of the people.  Production and use firmly rests in the hand of people, thereby freeing them from dependency on the global market economy.

Local resources and preservation of the environment, thereby eliminating challenges of extraction, transportation, and distribution.

Use of human and renewable energies, which are available in abundance, sustainable and do not disturb the earth’s bio-physical limits.

Supporting ‘closed loop cycles’, as there is no toxic waste at the end of their lives. Rather, they are recyclable or compostible by nature; their ‘waste’ is food for another part of the natural and human life cycle.


We believe that life is sacred and therefore it is urgent and necessary to shape and support all actions that steward ecological, socio-cultural, and spiritual consciousness which leads to a society having peace, justice, sustainability and the right of community to engage in those decisions and actions that affect their lives.


EarthCare Designs strives to nurture leadership and actions in the form of technology, learning processes, experiments and consciousness that results in individuals and communities rediscovering themselves as spiritual and ecological beings, and together create a world which is sustainable, just, democratic, and at peace.

Our Core Values

We ensure that our designs and systems are grounded in these values:

  • Trust in people
  • Eco-friendly, causing minimum damage to our environment
  • Sustainable, or promoting a sustainable future
  • Culturally appropriate
  • Founded on team work
  • Partnership-based, collaborative
  • Using renewable sources of energy
  • Open and collective platform for learning

Our Team

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Our Support

People who have volunteered their time and expertise for us can’t be thanked enough! Here are those who have given something to EarthCare:

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